Padova University
Physics and Astronomy Department
Padova Observatory

Novel Developments in Classical and Quantum Systems

Botanical Garden - University of Padova, 4 - 5 June, 2015


Registration Information

There is no registration fee.

The workshop will be held in the "Aula Emiciclo" at the Botanical Garden of the University of Padua that can be reached by following the instructions contained in the link "How to get Padova".

Due to the limited capacity of the "Aula Emiciclo" we kindly ask to register, in order to facilitate the organization of the workshop.

Registrations will be accepted until 22nd May 2015.

Your registration will be confirmed by an e-mail.

All the fields in the registration form with an asterisk * are mandatory fields.


Some practical information

The program includes a guided tour of the Botanical Garden and a Social Dinner.

In order to better organize these two events, we ask you to fill in the appropriate sections when you register to the workshop.

In addition, for those who reach Padua by car, the Conference can reserve some parking space in Piazza Rabin, very close to the Orto Botanico.
To use this facility, it is necessary to complete the appropriate section in the registration form.

The Guided Tour and the cost of parking will be offer by the Workshop Organizer.
The Social Dinner will cost € 40,00 per person.



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