Padova University
Physics and Astronomy Department
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Novel Developments in Classical and Quantum Systems

Botanical Garden - University of Padova, 4 - 5 June, 2015


List of Invited Speakers

Stefano Baroni - (Trieste)
What I cannot compute, I do not understand: fathoming atomic heat transport from the struggle to simulate it

Manuel Barranco Gomez - (Barcelona)
Superfluidity fingerprints in nanoscopic 4He droplets

Giancarlo Benettin - (Padova)
Metastability and equilibrium in the Fermi-Pasta-Ulman problem

Carlo Maria Bertoni - (Modena)
First-principle molecular dynamics of sliding diamond surface. Tribochemical reactiions with water and load effects

Luciano Colombo - (Cagliari)
A novel approach for calculating lattice thermal conductivitiy

Franco Dalfovo - (Trento)
Solitonic vortices in a Bose-Einstein condensate

Wolfgang E. Ernst - (Graz)
Dynamics of Molecules and Clusters in Helium Droplets

Paolo V. Giaquinta - (Messina)
The volumetric anomaly of water: A short chronicle of a controversial discovery

Andrea C. Levi - (Genova)
On the survival of poor peasants

Nicola Manini - (Milano)
Exploring friction with colloids: misalignment, local epitaxy, pinning-superlubricity, synchronization, and more

Amos Maritan - (Padova)
Criticality in living systems

Paolo Mazzoldi - (Padova)
Journey through the history of glass:literature, art and technology

Giampaolo Mistura - (Padova)
Thermolubricity and superlubricity of Xenon islands

Alberto Parola - (Como)
Gapless quantum spin liquids

Luciano Reatto - (Milano)
Is the vortex core in superfluid 4He empty or filled? A microscopic study of a vortex in a strongh interacting Bose system

Mario Salerno - (Salerno)
Compacton matter waves induced by time dependentent interactions

Gaetano Senatore - (Trieste)
Effects on inlayer valley degeneracy on excitonic condensation in a symmetric electron-hole bilayer

Attilio Stella - (Padova)
Growth in the complex network of global economy


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